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JangoFet's User Data
Jango Fett Avatar
[Jango Fett Avatar]
User ID: 39
Username: JangoFet
Enlisted On: December 18, 2002 [14 year(s), 309 days ago]
Recruited By: Nobody [Details]
User Status: Full Member
Comlink Posts: 356 Posts [View Posts]
Posts Per Day: 0.07 Posts
Bazaar Credits: 637,000 Credits
Weekly Pay: 0 Credits
Primary Division*: Rise of Jedi Knights Staff
Personal WebSite: http://www.rjkclan.com

Online Status: [Offline]

Active Division Memberships:

JangoFet's Contact Info
Email Address: admin@rjkgaming.com
Private Message: Send Private Msg
Steam Name: (private)
MSN Messenger: rjkjangofett@hotmail.com
Xfire Name:
Skype: RJK_JangoFet

JangoFet's Personal Data
Real Life:
    Real Name: Mike
    Gender: Male
    Location: United States
    Age: 17
    Birthday: October 23
    Job/ Education:
    Favorite Game: -Diablo II Lord Of Destruction

Computer Specs:
    Hard Drive:
    Connection: Cable

    Strategy Games: 5 of 5
    Adventure Games: 5 of 5
    RPG Games: 4 of 5
    Shooter Games: 4 of 5
    Website Development: 3 of 5
    Role Playing: 5 of 5
    Writing: 5 of 5
    Graphics Design: 5 of 5
    Recruiting: 5 of 5

PC Games Played:
Jedi Academy Jedi Academy
Clone Campaigns Clone Campaigns
Diablo Diablo
Diablo II & LoD Diablo II & LoD
Galactic BattleGrounds Galactic BattleGrounds
The Conquerors Expansion The Conquerors Expansion
Enemy Territory Enemy Territory
Joint Operations Joint Operations

JangoFet's Official RJK Awards
1000 Comlink PostsFor posting the 1000th post on the comlinks!
- Yoda (September 23, 2003)
RJK Medal of HonorFor a great full year of service to RJK!
- Yoda (December 18, 2003)

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