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Welcome to the Republic

We are the Lightbringer Academy. A brotherhood devoted to the preservation of the Galactic Republic. After the Jedi Temple was sacked during the invasion of Coruscant by the Sith Empire, we joined with the retreating Jedi Council and relocated to the Jedi home-world of Tython. From here we are strengthening our ranks in an effort to protect and preserve the Republic from the ever present threat of the Sith Empire.

This division supports all who ally themselves with the Republic on StarWars: The Old Republic. If you're looking for the Sith side check out Dark Skyes Academy lead by Darth_Famine. It is totally ok to be in both LA and DSA.

Lightbringer Guild Charter

Founded in September 2011 under the original Guild name "Tython Special Forces" on the Mind Trick Server, Lightbringer is a Republic Factioned SW:ToR Guild now located on Corellian Run. We are focused on enjoying a game set in a beloved galaxy far, far away. For this reason, there is an open door policy that allows members to belong to both Lightbringer and our Sith-sister guild, Dark Skyes [DSA]. Anyone may Join. We do not discriminate based upon gear or supposed skill. To outline the Guild's common goals, principles, and a standard ruleset, this Charter has been drafted. If, at any time, you do not wish to be a Lightbringer, we merely request that you notify the Guildmaster or the Executive Officer before retiring so that we may remove you from out active roster. Of course, the door will always be open for you to re-join, if you wish. All are welcome at Lightbringer.

Lightbringer Goals

The main goal of Lightbringer is to enjoy yourself. It is of paramount importance that everyone remember that, in the end, we are only playing a game and it should be treated accordingly. Real life should always take precedence and no one will be looked down upon when real life steps to the forefront. As a game, it should also be tacitly understood that everyone approaches games for different reasons. Some of us are here merely because we enjoy the story; others enjoy the social interaction with those of similar mindsets. Still others are hardcore PvP'ers or Endgame RAIDers and there are those that just get a kick out of shooting Sith in the face. For whatever reason you play and enjoy the game, Lightbringer encourages you to have the most fun that you possibly can while you're here. We only require that within the game, you enjoy yourselves without causing the Guild to appear in a negative light.


In order to participate fully in Lightbringer, there are some requirements that MUST be met. They are as follows:

  • Read and Agree to the Lightbringer Guild Charter.
  • Register for a free account on the Guild Site.
  • Log into both the game and onto the site at least once every seven (7) days(*).
  • Want to be a Lightbringer.


If or when you recruit a new member, they will join Lightbringer as a Recruit until such time as the Guild Requirements are met. Once joined, the recruiting Officer should send an ingame mail to the CO &/or XO advising them of the status of the new recruit; also, encourage the new recruit to post a brief message to the site introducing themselves to the Guild at large. This insures that not only they are aware of the requirements, the Charter, and the Site, but also that the Guild is made aware of their presence.

Each new recruit has fourteen (14) days to register on site to receive their first promotion. Anyone that has not done so within that time span will be removed from the Guild for inactivity.

Alternate Characters

Both members and recruits are eligible to have multiple characters within Lightbringer and/or Dark Skyes. It is possible to hold more than one Officer rank with different characters at the discretion of the Guild CO and/or XO. If the demands on one character make it impossible to meet the demands of another, then one character will be demoted based upon the recommendations of the characters' account holder, the Guild CO, and/or the Guild XO.

Guild Alliances

As of now, Lightbringer has official Alliances with Galactic Templars and Rogue Squadron on the Corellian Run Server. Their Guilds are, however, separate and have their own rules and regulations to which their members must adhere. When feasible, Alliance Events between these Guilds will be planned and brought to fruition for the benefit of all involved. These are like minded Guilds with similar philosophies upon the gaming experience and, most importantly, they are not just our Allies but, also, our friends. As such, "poaching" will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance and anyone caught engaging in such activity will be dealt with accordingly by their respective Guild Leaders. Check the Lightbringer Comlink for posts and updates for upcoming Alliance events. If there is an Alliance event that you would like to suggest, please feel free to post your idea to your respective Guild site.


Lightbringer has ten ranks. The top five ranks are Officer ranks, the following three ranks are membership ranks, the next one is a limited membership rank, and the final one is a recruitment rank.

Guildmaster: Guild Commanding Officer - responsible for all major policy and disciplinary decisions.
Chief of Operations: Guild Executive Officer - second in command, responsible for daily leadership, Officer appointments, and mediation during disputes.
Master Strategist: RAID Leader - responsible for organizing RAID times, events, and composition(**). We have no permanent RAID Leader at this time but applications are open.
Tactical Commander: Company Commanding Officer and Executive Officer - responsible for organizing special Guild Events and overseeing the Officers and membership within their Company. At this time, this position stands vacant.
Specialist Operations Leader: Platoon Leader and Lieutenants - responsible for overseeing their Platoon and the members therein, instructing new recruits in Guild matters in-game and on-site, addressing issues as they arise, and maintaining an open dialogue between their Platoon members and the Officers. At this time, we have one Platoon: Nerf but no CO has been appointed as yet. The Lieutenants are each in charge of one squad, of which we have three - Alpha, Bravo, and the Sanguinary Guard.
Specialist Operative: RAID Team Members - responsible for showing up for RAIDs in appropriate gear, scouting for future candidates, suggesting improvements, and paying attention.
Specialist: Highest Enlisted Rank - reserved for active Guild members and alternate active Officer characters.
Operative: Responsible for scouting for new recruits, belonging to a Guild member that is active both on site and in game.
Field Agent: Reserved for new recruits that have met the Guild requirements.
Recruit: A Trial membership rank reserved for those that have not yet met the Guild Requirements.


Advancement is at the discretion of the Guild CO, and/or the Guild XO. Please feel free to discuss your rank and any changes you wish to see with an Officer. Officers will be promoted based on demonstrations of leadership, knowledge, and adherence to their respective duties within the Guild. Members will be promoted based on Officer reccomendation.


Guild Officers should be available both in game, on site, and in Ventrilo when needed no less than once every 3 days. Guild members should be both in game and on site no less than once every seven (7) days.

Leave of Absence

If at any time you will be away from the game or site for an extended length of time, please notify the Guild CO, and/or the Guild XO and - if you are on the RAID team - your RAID Leader either in-game or on site. Both are preferred but we understand that time constraints might make this impossible so please do what you can with the time that you have. This is merely courteous and insures that we know whom we may or may not call upon in the case of a Special Guild Event or RAID.


Once membership has been given, members will not be removed or demoted based upon skill or gear. Anyone at any rank can and will be removed for Misconduct(***).

Raid Invitations

Invites are extended by the RAID Leaders to ensure that there is an optimal group that gives the RAID the best chance of successful completion. RAID composition is decided by the RAID Leaders based upon the RAIDs needs.

Raid Loot

RAID Looting is always set to Master and is handed out at the discretion of the RAID Leader based upon current gear and/or random dice roll. Lightbringer does its best to make fair decisions and does not play favorites - everyone in the RAID is an equal member of the RAID even if they are not a member of the Guild and is thusly entitled to their fair share of Loot for their expenditure of effort and time. We appreciate everyone that chooses to RAID with us and will treat them with the courtesy, respect, and fairness that we all wish to recieve in turn.


Asterisk Notations

(*): Regular members are required to log into the game and site once every 7 days. Officers are required to do the same every 3 days.
(**): RAID Leader has sole discretion as to the composition of the RAID and reserves the right to refuse admittance to the RAID to anyone, answerable only to the Guild CO and/or XO.
(***): Misconduct is defined as Conduct Unbecoming To The Guild. Don't bring your personal drama into the Guild because it does not belong there. You make the Guild look bad and you're gone.


In the end, Lightbringer is not about PvP or RAIDing or PvE or Atmosphere or Gear or Skill - we are about fun. This is a game. It should be enjoyed as such by everyone that chooses to partake of it. While understanding that is paramount, we also understand that people are only human and there must be a framework in place that not only allows our members to have fun but also to take on roles of responsibility if they so choose. Thus, the existence of this document.

We hope that all of you enjoy your time in Lightbringer. Any questions, concerns, commentary relating to this document should be brought to the attention of the nearest available Officer.

Thank you for reading. May the Force be with you.

Lightbringer Guild CO
Wednesday August 8, 2012

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