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Official RJK Polls
[RJK] Sexiest Sith Lord?
[RJK] The
[RJK] Should we create a new Division to replace TSF?
[RJK] Is the current draft of the Dark Skyes charter acceptable
[RJK] Should we grant Yoda the name change he's always wanted?
[RJK] How do you feel about Vader's triumphiant return?
[RJK] What will your primary SWToR character be?
[RJK] Are you going to play
[RJK] What is the best RJK comlink theme?
[RJK] What is the best PC game of 2005?
[RJK] Which console would you buy?
[RJK] Should Yoda change his RJK name?
[RJK] What is the biggest reason Tournaments aren’t played in RJK?
[RJK] Is RJK fun?
[RJK] Which Instant Messenger do you like best?
[RJK] What do you think of a half life division?
[RJK] Teamspeak or Ventrilo?
[RJK] Do you play Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault?
[RJK] Which browser do you use?
[RJK] Would you donate money to RJK?
[RJK] Whats the REAL reason Rjk went back to May 23rd?
[RJK] I'm Ron Burgundy?
[RJK] How did you like SW Episode III?
[RJK] Do you play Command & Conquer?
[RJK] Are you going to see Star Wars Ep. III?
[RJK] Who is the most annoying member of High Command?
[RJK] Who is your favorite Radio DJ?
[RJK] Should RJK run its own online radio station?
[RJK] Would you like to see reviews for books & movies on RJK?
[RJK] Should a length limit be put on signatures?
[RJK] Do you have or plan to get Rome: Total War?
[RJK] Should music be allowed on div. main comlinks/ homepages?
[RJK] Who plays / will play Tribes: Vengeance?
[RJK] Who is planning on purchasing LOTR: War of the Ring.
[RJK] Does rule breaking need to be punished in a harsher way?
[RJK] Which games do you play?
[RJK] Which divisions top logo looks the best?
[RJK] How do you like the WarCenter?
[RJK] How do you like the new PlayerFiles system?
[RJK] Is the web site (server) faster?
[RJK] Which Jedi would win in a fight?
[RJK] Which Sith would win in a fight?
[RJK] Which Sith would win in a fight?
[RJK] Which of these games do you play most?
[RJK] Who is your favorite Sith/Dark Jedi?
[RJK] How do you like the new site?
[RJK] What do you think about a private message system?

Division Poll Archives
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[ID] More "iDefy" Polls
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[TCL] More "The Celestial Light" Polls

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Bazaar Payday Issued!..
Bazaar Payday Issued!..
Bazaar Payday Issued!..
Bazaar Payday Issued!..

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