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Archived RJK Web Pages
Below is a collection of old RJK web pages from our past sites.
[NOTE: The below links lead to pages that are no longer updated and contain old or inaccurate information]
Very Old Pages
First Ever Official RosterThis roster contains part RJK's MSN Gaming Zone member list from the early days
Unofficial Member ListThis file contains the names of all RJK members up until July 2003 in the order they joined. The oldest are at the bottom.
First Ever RJK SiteThe fisrt ever RJK site was hosted for free on freewebs.com. There's nothing much left there today. Used as RJK's site from December 2002 - late January 2003.
Very old Geocities SiteThis was only used for a very short time since we decided it wasn't the address we wanted. It was never completed.
RJK Geocities HomePageThe Geocities homepage, also known as www.rjkclan.tk. Used as the official RJK site from February 2003 - mid May 2003
Old Member ListThe official RJK rosters as they looked when the site was closed in May 2003.
Original RJK Rules & Regs.The Info Center from the Geocities site containing the original rules.
Old Jedi Knights Regiment SiteThis site was created by Colonel DrSoul for the old Jedi Outcast part of RJK, the Jedi Knights Regiment around April 2003.
Old RJKClan.com/ RJKGaming.com Pages
First RJKClan.com Home PageThis is the RJKClan.com homepage as it looked on April 27, 2004 right before the change to the new one still in use today. That site was used from July 4, 2003 - April 27, 2004.
Rules & Regulations PageThis is the RJKClan.com rules and regulations page that explains how all of RJK worked at the time. The date of its release is unknown but it's estimated around July or August 2003.
GJM Main ComlinkThis is the main GJM comlink as it looked on April 27, 2004. It also shows how the CL system was set up.
First Bazaar Home PageThis is the homepage of the old RJK Bazaar as it looked on March 21, 2004 before it was done over.
First Bazaar CatalogThe original Bazaar catalog containing the first set of items from March 21, 2004.
Old Comlinks
First RJK ComlinkThe first ever RJK Comlink. This one didn't have too many features including no membership system. December 2002.
Sudden Launch ComlinkThis was a good one, it had alot of features. Used mostly during the Geocities site also. May 2003

RJK History & Facts
Major Events
December 18, 2002RJK is founded by Yoda, Lord Vader and JangoFet on the MSN Gaming Zone
July 4, 2003RJK opens a new improved site at www.RJKClan.com, a new division system is started and RJK begins to play other games besides GBG:CC
May 24, 2004RJK site is re-done with a new layout and fixed up systems.
June 22, 2004The RJK site address is changed to www.RJKGaming.com
June 28, 2004Vader22 resigns as Commander in Chief XO of RJK. JangoFet is moved up to CnC-XO and Illidan is appointed to the position of Cheif of Staff.
August 20, 2004Vader22 returns and is appointed to the position of Chief of Staff XO
October 4, 2004FV (Forces of Varrock) division merged into MS (Mystic Soverignty) division
October 31, 2004CnC-XO JangoFet retires; CoS-XO Lord Vader is promoted to CnC-XO.
November 18, 2004RPL Division closed. Remake of RPL, REC opened.
January 16, 2005REC division closed. RPL division reopened...
January 16, 2005CIT (Crimson Imperial Tides | SWG) division closed
January 22, 2005TS (The Specialists| CS: Source) division closed
February 19, 2005AOR (Age of Rome) division merged with EOD (Empire of Darkness) division.
March 20, 2005Lord Vader resigns as CnC-XO. Dick Cheney is promoted to CnC-XO from JAG. Vykk_Draygo is promoted to Judge Advocate General.
August 21, 2005Illidan removed as Chief of Staff; CannonFodder appointed Chief of Staff.
August 28, 2005AOA (Alliance of Auir | StarCraft) division closed.
September 21, 2005Vykk Draygo resigns as JAG. No new JAG is appointed effectively removing the position for good.
November 15, 2005Dick Cheney retires as CnC-XO. Accepts previously closed JAG position.
December 18, 2005First RJK reform, it's all a blur after that...
Post December 18, 2005 to Pre August 20, 2011RJK goes through many reforms, including joining a gaming community called Oracle. Many new High Command members during this time.
August 20, 2011RJK reopens after a 3 year hiatus, with Darth_Famine as CnC. Divisions include SMA, TCL, MS, DSA, GJM, and AoA.
January 20, 2012SMA and MS closed due to downsizing of RJK site. TSF and DSA continue to flourish thanks to the popularity of SW: TOR.
Past High Commanders
Lord VaderCommander in Chief XO
JangoFetCommander in Chief XO
Dick CheneyCommander in Chief XO
IllidanChief of Staff
WinduX1High Command Advisor/ JAG
Vykk DraygoJudge Advocate General
RiggersCommander in Chief
Crimson KnightCommander in Chief
RJK_KurastCommander in Chief XO/JAG
Past Division Commanders
BobaFettGS Division Commander
Sherlock01KOT (TCL) Division Commander
PharrellSoL Division XO
CliekidMS Division Commander
Captain_PicardFV Division XO
battleguy3FV Division CO [FV Merged with MS]
RJK_KurastFV Division XO [FV Merged with MS]
CliekidSMA Division CO
DevSMA Division CO
RJK_WiZarDAOA Division XO
Darth BaneISC Division CO
HalcyonGJM Division XO
PharrellTS Division CO
EvilNerfCIT Division CO
ChiefJawaEOD/AOR Division XO
SpawnISC Division CO
Darth IchiSMA [BDC] Division CO
TichondriusTCL Division CO
Dick CheneyGS Division XO
Vykk DraygoGJM Division CO
GogetaMS Division CO
LOTR LinkMS Division XO
WarriorAngelSWU Division XO
AzureDracoAOA Division CO
Uber Sn0bbAOA Division XO
Crimson KnightBDC Division CO/SMA Division CO
PeiperSoL Division CO
RiggersSWU Division CO

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